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About Brittany Downey

About Brittany Downey

Hey there I’m Brittany Downey! I am from Lecanto, Florida and am proudly working on publishing my very first book! I have been involved in event/wedding planning for nearly two years now. The main thing that I absolutely love about weddings is the introductions, I enjoy seeing the personalities shine through the bridal party and the excitement of the guests when the bride and groom are announced! This job allows me to be creative and put ideas together to ensure the best day possible, I really pay attention to detail and quick thinking which I find that people appreciate. By far my favorite part of a wedding day is when it all comes together and you feel the joy of everyone there. Costal Coordinating has made it enjoyable to work because the owner Katy truly takes pride in what she does and teaches the employees to do the same in a relaxed, but professional atmosphere.

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