“Born In Cali, Moved to Florida”

“Locally Sourced, Scratch Made, Preservative Free FOOD. Actual, real food”

*Warning, you will be hungry after seeing this.*


Meet Owner and Boss Babe of Blue Sage CuisineJasmin Wooden!

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Blue Sage Cuisine has been going strong since 2013! This company takes on serving real farm to table with clean, healthy options so no one has to sacrifice their special day.

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We asked Jasmin with Blue Sage, some questions from you all and here are the answers!


1. Should I do buffet or plated?
It depends on what’s most important to you. Is variety important? Do you have a lot to cram into a small time frame? Do you have space within the reception venue to accommodate?  Once we answer those questions, we can narrow down our serving style. There are a few additional serving options that we LOVE at Blue Sage Cuisine – Stations, Progressive Passed and Family Style. At Blue Sage, we’re all about finding unique options that reflect you! We generally equate plated with formal events and buffet with a bit more casual. Our answer to that is found in our other serving options. Family Style is a beautiful marriage of buffet and plated. Guests are served shared platters of your full menu to the table. They get the variety of buffet but the convenience and elegance of being served beautifully displayed platters. If you have a little wiggle-room in your schedule, Stations give a lot of menu variety, beautiful interactive stations and the option to have a variety of diverse food options included in one event.  Progressive passed can look any way you want! We’ve had full tray passed dinners, half-passed/half family style, churruscaria style – the possibilities are endless! Most popularly, you can have a variety of serving styles divided by course – tray passed hors d’oeuvres,  a plated, preset salad, and a buffet dinner! 
2. I have no idea what kind of food I want, can I do a little of everything or will you help me plan a menu?
We will absolutely help you plan! Its great when a client comes with a menu in mind. It’s equally as exciting as when they don’t! On our discovery call, we will ask questions that allow us to understand your overall event vision and what’s important to you as a couple. From there, we can develop a menu that reflects who you are and what you want your day to feel like. 
3. Some of my bridal party is vegan but I want to offer them something fun and unique. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Actually, about 40% of our clients find us because they are looking for Vegan choices or even a full Vegan wedding. We have tons of soy-free, plant-based vegan options and really make it a focus to have Vegan options that resemble our non-vegan options. This way, plant-based guests don’t feel isolated by having a completely different meal than everyone else and at full Vegan weddings, guests don’t feel like they’re “missing” something. 
4.  Has anyone ever done an all pasta themed event? I want an all pasta themed event!
Yes! It can be so fun! You can have a self-serve station, a chef-attended station, a beautiful cheese and charcuterie grazing station, fresh local baked breads. So many yummy options!  Also, I personally LOVE pasta…so double YES!! 🙂 
Any other tips or advice we can share?
Stay true to you!! This is your day! If you are plant-based and want that reflected in your day, lets do it! If you and your partner eat pizza every Friday, lets incorporate that! No matter what you choose, your guests will love it because they will understand that its a reflection of you! 
Find Blue Sage Cuisine at www.bluesagecuisine.com and follow their Instagram @bluesagecuisine
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