Coastal Couple Of The Month


Bride: Anne Marie

Groom: Chris


Love Story:

Chris and I met on Tinder in Dallas in October 2016! We lived on the same street a few blocks apart and had never crossed paths- so it was fate that we “matched”! He came to pick me up for our first date on October 15th and we went to a nearby bar for a drink. After drinks we picked up tacos at a local spot and I taught him how to two step at my apartment to prep him for a night out with friends. Chris was immediately smitten but I wasn’t so sure about his two left feet! He asked me out on a second date and I called my mom to ask her advice about what I should do about this guy, who was seemingly so sweet but a little “much”. Her very wise words were “there is no such thing as too nice!”. I agreed to that second date, and the rest is history! We dated for two and a half years in Dallas- traveling to Cuba, adopting a dog (affectionally named Taco in honor of our first date!), and bought a condo. We knew this was “it” very early on.

When Chris decided he was going to propose, he wanted to make it special and sentimental. I grew up moving all over the country but spent all my summers and holidays on Amelia Island at my grandparents’ house. It is home to me. On March 30, 2018, Chris planned to propose outside the Amelia Chapel- and had the help of my two younger sisters to pull it off. They told me we were getting drinks and loaded me up in the car, but rather than heading to the restaurant they turned into the chapel where Chris stood with a table of flowers, candles, and champagne. We celebrated that evening with both of our families and jumped straight into wedding planning!

Neither Chris nor I are from Dallas originally so we decided since all our friends and family would be flying to the wedding regardless- we wanted to get them to the island! The majority of our 200 guests made a long weekend of the wedding celebration, so we kicked off the weekend with food truck tacos, margaritas, and chocolate churros outside our family home. Saturday was a dream- our ceremony was in the Amelia Chapel followed by the reception at Walkers Landing. Rain was predicted all weekend and the Florida gods smiled down on us- we did not get one drop of rain! A huge band, Italian dessert bar, and a hundred+ bottle bourbon bar were just a few highlights of the night. It was the wedding of a lifetime, followed by a delayed honeymoon to Aruba (which we are on right now!)

Our future plans are to be determined! We currently love living in downtown Dallas and are enjoying the adjustment to living together and married life. With both of our families on the east coast we will most likely end up that direction at some point!

Cheers to online dating, the guy who is “too nice”, and the island that will forever be our favorite place!


Anne Marie + Chris


Venue : Walkers Landing

Florals : Marble & Pine

Photographer: Holly Felts

Cake: Italian Desserts by The Perfect Pear

Videographers: Gently Crafted Films

Rentals: Luxe

Makeup: Kiara Shanelle

Hair: Jenna McCarthy

DJ/Band : Bay Kings Band

Caterer: The Perfect Pear

Bar : Divine Spirits