After working on Morgan & Tyler’s wedding together, I thought to myself  “I HAVE to tell the world about Samantha!” Wait, who is Samantha, you ask? She is the photographer behind Corner House Photography. We loved working with her so much, we thought a blog post about her would be the perfect way to introduce our couples to her too!  So, here is a little background about her style, where she shoots, how often and some super helpful advice too!
Tell us about your photography style
My style would be defined as contemporary and timeless.  I truly believe that each and every image both myself and my team creates captures the beauty of the subject both inside and out.  When looking back on our images ten years from now, they have a lasting power that does not follow trends in that moment.  The colors are vibrant, the subjects are crisp, and the image is clear.
What markets to you work in?
Central Florida is our home base, however we travel throughout the sunny state of Florida.  In turn, we are split almost evenly of the amount of weddings we have throughout Central, North, and West Florida.  With travel included free of cost, our clients get the best of both worlds in having the photographer they want who is willing to travel.
How many weddings do you shoot per year?
Roughly around 50 weddings annually.
How many hours of coverage do you feel couples should have at a minimum?
Honestly every wedding is different, but on average around seven hours.
What is your take on the first look?
From a photography stand point, I love it.  I love having the ability to capture even more newlywed portraits.  From a personal stand point, it is up to you.  Don’t choose to do a first look just because it is suggested or you have friends who have done one at their wedding.  Possibly a first touch better suits your style?  My recommendation would be to talk it over with your fiancé as there are pros and cons, but it comes down to what is in your heart for what you want on your wedding day.
What is your favorite thing about shooting weddings?
Gosh, the story.  The story of love is something I love capturing in both my imagery and writing.  When I first started out in the world of photography, I focused my passion on capturing non-profit gala events with 2000 plus guests.  For me, I loved being able to help amazing organizations, but there was something missing… it was the passion for the subject I was shooting.  It wasn’t until a friend asked me to do their engagement, which led to their wedding that I realized I had found my passion.  Capturing the love shared between two people at such a pinnacle point in ones lives is incredibly heartwarming and beautiful.  Just as much as my couples love looking at their wedding, so do I in relieving the moments of a first kiss shared, a father walking his daughter down the aisle, and my favorite moment of two newlyweds realizing their journey has just begun.  I also love to pair my imagery with a sweet little love story that I create about each couple’s special day.
What is your advice to a couple looking for their wedding photographer?
Support.  Pick someone whose work you love and who you feel would support what you want most for your big day.  My couples love my work, but also how I support them on their big day, from making large group shots happen to ensuring they have an uninterrupted moment alone for their first look.
What is something people forget to ask you that they should be asking?
Are we insured.  Your photographer should be insured, which protects both you as the client and themselves as a company.  Venues typically require a General Liability Form from your photographer, which can only be provided if they are insured.
Be sure to check our the Corner House websitehere. You can email Samanthahereand call her at (407) 435-7747.