Many people assume a destination wedding takes place somewhere tropical. And although a wedding in the Bahamas or Hawaii doesn’t sound unappealing to us, it isn’t actually the norm!
Sure, Sandles resorts and the Biltmore estate come up in a google search, but a destination wedding can be anywhere a couple wants it to be. Traditionally it is defined as a location that requires travel for both couple & guests.
We recently planned a destination wedding outside Orlando at Bella Collina (amazing) and happen to plan quite a few in the Savannah, GA area as well.  We love working the “destination wedding market”!
Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when destination planning:
Proximity to transportation. No matter where you decide to hold your wedding, be sure to clearly understand the transportation needs.
Available Accommodations. Be sure there are a variety of options available to you and your guests. The last thing you want is to carefully plan the wedding of your dreams, only to realize nobody can get there, or if they can get there, there isn’t anywhere to stay.
Hire local photographers, caterers, bakers & florists – these are two categories of vendors that are best booked local! They know they lay of the land, which saves everyone time and energy.
Take advantage of the local landscape when planning- from the menu selection to the florals, find out what is unique about the venue + city and make it a part of the experience.
And of course, find a professional wedding planner to help you execute the wedding day flawlessly. Because nobody has time to stress over if Aunt June made her flight, if the shuttle showed up at the hotel to get your guest to the ceremony on time or where the closest Hobby Lobby is to pick-up replacement for the smashed & melted candle that didn’t transport properly (yes, that can really happen)!
Are you thinking about jet-setting or road tripping for your wedding? Give us a ring (email or text works too)- we want to hear all about it!