How to Have a Scandinavian Style Viking Wedding

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Scandinavian culture is becoming increasingly popular across the U.S at present, with fashion, furniture and customs being adapted and adopted in to our everyday life.

That interest has led to more shows, games and people wanting to grab a slice of Scandinavia for themselves. Whether that is in their home decor, their outdoor pursuits or even in their wedding, people across America are keen to bring a little bit of Viking culture to our shores.

If it is a Scandinavian wedding you’re interested in, here are a few pointers to make your day that little bit more authentic.

Friday Wedding

One of the most basic things to do if you want a truly authentic Scandinavian wedding is to ensure you get married on a Friday. That was the preferred day for Vikings to come together for marriage, as it was considered a sacred day for Frigga, the goddess of marriage, in the Norse religion.

Don’t worry if your relatives can’t make it until the weekend though; these weddings often lasted for a week. Also, due to the weather conditions in Scandinavia weddings were always held in the summer, something that should ensure your U.S event is bathed in warm sunshine.

Color Scheme

There are a few basic changes you can make to your wedding to ensure it is a little more authentic without going the whole nine yards. For instance, brides did not place an emphasis on their dresses, but rather on their hair.“>Viking Answer Lady suggests that for the ceremony her hair would be left unbound and flowing, the last time she’d be seen in this state.

Also, colors were hugely important; cool pastel colors such as grey and blue will best recreate the feel of a traditional wedding, as will copper which was predominately used during that period for celebrations.“>These are traditional colors which can be applied to a Viking wedding.


Once you’ve got your date right, if you want a truly traditional wedding, then you should look to follow in the footsteps of Dorian Yuste and his partner Charlie. An article by the“>Metro reports that they had a three-day ceremony which retained many traditional features from Viking ceremonies, including a blood offering.

Dorian became interested in Viking culture before the TV series Vikings came out in 2013, but the show was a huge catalyst for the rise in weddings such as these. Interest in Viking culture has been picked up by a slew of different media and entertainment streams, including gaming.“>Foxy Games have several titles based on Scandinavian history including Call of the Valkyries, Vikings Unleashed, and Thunderstruck II. These are just some of the titles that have helped propel Viking culture in to the mainstream. And as a result the blood offerings, three-day weddings and traditional gowns are now more a part of pop culture than ever before.

Sword in the Ceiling

If you don’t have three days to spare or don’t fancy making a blood offering, another touch that would make your wedding stand out from the rest would be to include the tradition of the groom shoving his sword into the ceiling. The sword is a key part of Viking culture and is iconic in much of its art and depictions in media.

According to tradition, the further his weapon penetrated the building, the longer the wedded bliss would last. Perhaps check it is okay with your venue first, thus avoiding any surprise bills for repairs at the end of your special day.

Exchange Swords

If you don’t want to plunge your sword into the venue, perhaps you could exchange swords with your partner instead? An article by“>Ingebretsen documents how it was traditional for spouses to swap weapons as well as rings during a ceremony.

Not only would this leave you with a nice pair of keepsakes after the wedding to continue your love of Viking culture, but it would be a nice glimpse back into the past for your guests as you explain exactly why you’re doing it.