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We design experiences

We work with our clients to design unexpected, beautiful environments that are custom tailored to them. We produce magical moments, add elements of surprise and create delightful personal details that you will never forget.

We love a good time, excellent food, thoughtful details, elegance, grace, touches of glamour and… did we say fun? We love fun too. And we might be known for busting an occasional dance move too. We’d love to get to know the two of you! Contact us today so we can hear all about your wedding day style, vision, and dreams (we’re great listeners)!

Our Packages

Here is a little information about each of our packages! As we’ve mentioned, our goal is to tailor to your needs, so we highly recommend a complimentary phone or in-person consult to discuss your options.

Wedding Coordination Package

Got the planning part down? This package is ideal for couple that have all their vendor selections made, vision defined and general planning done. We’ll meet with prior to the big day to ensure that the actual wedding day is a stress-free experience. Creation of Wedding Timeline, Pre-Ceremony/Ceremony Management, Reception Management, Ceremony venue set-up, Reception venue set-up, 2 - 5 Consultations.

The Azure Package: Full Service Wedding Planning + Coordination

This package is similar to the Pink package, but without the design and decor execution. In other words, we’ll do all the planning and coordination of the day, but the decorating and design details are left to your other vendors and pre-designated contacts.

The Pink Package: Full Service Wedding Planning + Coordination + Design Execution

Hand us your worries. This package will ease your planning burden. From creating a cohesive vision to to sending your down the aisle, this is your full-service option for start to finish assistance. Planning (from vendor selection to contract negotiation and everything in between), coordination and complete design + decoration of the reception and ceremony sites.

Splendid Proposals & Special Events

Coastal Coordinating also specializes in creating perfect proposal, birthday parties, golden anniversaries, holiday parties, and many more special events. Please contact us for more details and specials.