As a Wedding Planner, I often get to hear all of the amazing ways our couples fell in love.

From that “first look” moment to “swiping right”, these stories get me every time and I can’t wait to share them all with you.

Our First Feature on “The Proposal” is  Andrew + Sabrina!

Before we get right into it, we love to ask our couples how it all started ( & share some of the sweetest photos ever).

Here we go!

How They Met :

Drew went to a corn maze with his football team and expected to have a guys night. That day had been filled with disappointment and confusion, and he contemplated skipping the team hang out, but something told him he needed to go. After his trip through the maze, he walked out to a group of friends from a different high school. I was there with my friends, and we all ended up talking for some time. That is when we saw each other  If you ask us, we will both say that we instantly noticed each other out of the crowd. That night we could not get each other of our minds and we talked over the phone for hours. We talked into the next day, and we both told our friends that this was different than anything else, and that we knew we were meant to be together.

Falling In Love :
After that night, we were inseparable. It never mattered what we were doing, or how much time we had, we made every second together feel like the greatest time of our lives. We felt comfortable together from the beginning, laughed until we couldn’t breathe, and have always pushed one another to be the best version of us, separately and as a couple. Each day we fell more in love with each other and then all of a sudden it was our wedding day. We were 16 at the time, and now four+ years later, we are watching our dreams become reality.
The Proposal : 
Andrew asked me the biggest question of my life on January 3rd of 2019. It started as a normal day as Andrew kissed me goodbye and left for work. I had planned a girls day with my mom in order to spend time together. We got lunch, went shopping in Tampa, and ultimately had plans at Oxford exchange in Tampa to do an after hours tour of their event spaces. Little did I know, Andrew had been planning this day for months. When Andrew “left for work” he never went to work at all. Andrew left and began to prepare for the proposal and left me with my mom in order to maintain the surprise. My mom, Deb, knew the entire plan. We went and had our girls day and then when we arrived and Oxford Exchange, I was greeted by their event team and my tour began. I was completely clueless and truly had no idea what was about to happen. I stood in shock as Andrew came from out of thin air and music began to play. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes and could barely let him stand before I kissed him. One of the most amazing parts of the plan was that my friends from around the country flew in and were there along with all of our family in order to witness the proposal! They all cheered and surrounded us and it was one of the happiest moments of our entire lives.
“Drew got me my absolute dream ring
from Heidi Gibson Designs.
I still cannot believe it’s actually on my finger!”
“Since moving to Florida in 2017 Oxford Exchange became one of our favorite date spots. I have always loved the building and it was so special to get engaged there! It’s so fun to go back and be in a space with so many of the best memories.”
Day of photos: Stills by Hernan
Engagement shoot photos: By Stephanie Velez
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