Coastal Couple of The Month



Groom__Bobby Telleria__

Bride__Caitlin Leeds___


Love Story :

Bobby and I were introduced by a mutual friend who turned out to be my Maid of Honor. Nicky wanted me to meet Bobby who lost his baseball scholarship due to an injury and was returning home to Orlando. Nicky knew I was a competitive swimmer and softball player, so she figured we had the sports thing in common and would hit it off.

My first impression of Bobby was that he was a really nice guy with an amazing smile. Bobby thought I was very attractive and down to earth. He liked what he saw, but I was only interested in a friendship. (May 2012) For the next

four months, we hung out with our friends. I got the feeling Bobby wanted to be more than friends and he eventually asked me out on a date, but I said, “No.” He was persistent and tried multiple times always getting the same “No” from me.  Then one day he said, if we weren’t going anywhere, then he was going to ask a girl in one of his classes on a date. That just did not sit well with me and I called my mom. She told me to give him a chance and that I had to at least kiss him one time.  On October 7, 2012, we had our first date and the rest is history.

As time went on, we knew we were it for each other. We could not imagine being with anyone else. I encouraged Bobby to enlist in the Army and join ROTC at UCF. He deployed for a year with his National Guard unit and during that time I graduated and waited patiently for his return. He still had one more year of college, but the “M” word crept into our conversations. He promised to propose by the time he graduated in 2018. As that time neared, I doubted it would happen because I knew he did not have money for a ring. Unbeknownst to me, he went ring shopping with my mom on Black Friday 2017.  He led me to believe he could not afford one. On his graduation day, I was nervous and excited. I hoped for a proposal but was sad because I knew it probably wouldn’t happen and it didn’t.

The next day, Bobby was being commissioned as a 2LT in the United States Army. My parents planned on being there because my dad is a retired Army Officer. Our families agreed to meet in Winter Park at a rose garden for photos. I didn’t get my hopes up, but I really really wanted him to propose. No one was acting strange, so again I doubted it would happen. After taking photos, Bobby turned to me and said, “Today is not just about photos.”  In his dress blues, he got down on one knee and I got so emotional. I am sure he said some very romantic things, but I don’t remember anything he said. I just remember thinking I love this man so much and we are finally going to be married.

We had one year to plan and I am so lucky that Bobby wanted to be involved in the decision making. It made it difficult at times since he was in Orlando and I had moved to Jacksonville. It was so much fun putting together our vision and never losing ourselves in the process. We had outstanding support from family and just an all-around great team of awesome professionals led by our wedding coordinator Madison Martinez. At the Treasury, we worked with Lyndsey Bowden who was simply amazing. Both ladies got our vision and were very responsive to our needs. They really made our wedding day something special and we will never forget them!

Bobby had National Guard drill the weekend after our wedding, so we will be taking our honeymoon mid-June. We are going on a weeklong cruise to Alaska; our dream destination. Bobby was also selected to go to flight school for the Army, so he will be leaving for 18 months this fall. I am so happy and excited for him but will miss him. We look forward to his return, so we can move in together and really start our lives as husband and wife. Bobby hopes to be employed by the City of Jacksonville Fire Department and we look forward to buying our first home together, having babies and living happily ever after. We are so blessed and fortunate to have found each other!!